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Las Carretas
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Las Carretas Las Carretas

Las Carretas
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Promotions - Specials

Angus Beef (CAAB) T-Bone Promotion Certified Australian
Angus Beef (CAAB) T-Bone Promotion

Originally developed in the 1700's in Scotland, Angus has always been bred purely for the highest quality production indicated by its smooth firm texture, carnation red color, finely marbled fat with the lean muscle.

Being fed on Grain for 150 days, It is guaranteed to satisfy your craving for Steaks.

Buen Provencho!

February Onwards
It only happens at Las Carretas
Mexican Restaurant & Bar!

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Wet aged for 45 days, Lightly Seasoned with Maldon Salt & Charbroiled
to your liking presented with Steak House Fries, Sautéed French Bean
Wrapped in Chicken Ham, Baked Roma Tomato Covered with
Melted Swiss Gruyere, & Lightly Charred American Corn on the Cob
RM31.90++/100 Grams
(Portion size is suitable for Sharing & Kindly allow 30 minutes
for Cooking Time due to Its Size!)
(Recommended doneness… From Rare to Medium)

Add "Emir" Seared Foie Gras
40 Grams RM25.00++

Selection of Sauces
Beef "Jus"
Shoyu & Mustard
Horseradish Enhanced Bearnaise

Side Orders
Premium Steak Fries 320 Grams-RM11.90++

Back By Popular Demand

Charbroiled Australian Wagyu Rump Cap (Marbling 6)
Wagyu Rump Cap Seasoned only with Maldon salt, Presented
with Dauphinoise Potato, Tossed Legumes Topped
with Crispy Crumbs and Confit of Cherry Tomatoes.
180 Grams/RM93.90++
300 Grams/RM139.90++

All Prices Are Subject To 10% Service Charge and 6% SST
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