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Las Carretas
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Las Carretas Las Carretas

Las Carretas
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Promotions - Specials

Australian Darling Down Bone-in Sirloin Wagyu Promotion Australian Darling Down Bone-in
Sirloin Wagyu Promotion

Australian Wagyu comes from one of Australia’s oldest and most prestigious companies. The cattle are born and raised in expansive and pristine outback stations in the Darling Downs region of Queensland. AAco’s Darling Wagyu herd contains the highest credential full-blood Japanese Black Wagyu sires and breeding females to ever leave Japan.

These Wagyu’s are given grain rations, which include wheat, barley and corn. No animal fat, meal, antibiotics or hormone growth promotants are ever used. Australia’s award-winning Darling Downs Wagyu Beef contains high levels of finely distributed marbling & are highly sorted by Chefs World wide.

Buen Provencho!

August Onwards
It only happens at Las Carretas
Mexican Restaurant & Bar!

Charboiled Darling Down Wagyu Bone-in Sirloin (Marbling 4-5)
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Charboiled Darling Down Wagyu Bone-in Sirloin (Marbling 4-5)
Bone-in Wagyu Sirloin Lightly Seasoned with Maldon Salt,
Presented with Panko-Mushroom Potato Cake, Carrot Pencil,
Tossed Root Vegetables Topped with Crispy Crumbs
Garnished with Confit of Cherry Tomatoes
(Recommended Doneness…. From Medium Rare to Medium)
RM49.00++/100 Grams

Choice of Sauces
Bone Marrow "Jus"
Sauce Choron
Mustard & Smoked Paprika Sauce

Back By Popular Demand

Grain-fed Tomahawk Steak
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Grain-fed Tomahawk Steak
Lightly Seasoned & Charbroiled to your liking
Presented with Beef “Jus,” Garlic Bulb, Grilled Lemon,
Supreme Fries, & Wilted Baby Spinach Salad
RM25.90++/100 Grams

All Prices Are Subject To 10% Service Charge and 6% SST
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