LC's 16th Anniversary - Subang Jaya - July 2012

We celebrated Las Carretas 16th Anniversary on Monday, 9 July 2012 with over 180 invited Guests.
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Las Carretas
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Las Carretas Las Carretas

Las Carretas
Mexican Restaurant

LC's 16th Anniversary
Subang Jaya - July 2012

Las Carretas 16th Anniversary was celebrated on Monday, 9th July 2012.

All invited guests were spoilt with choices of Cuisine & Beverages served on that evening.

A total of 180 Guests showed up and they were entertained by Los Chicas and festive games followed suit.

Our dedicated Suppliers were not spared either. They came and supported the event with full spirits.

We would like to thank all of our guests and team-members for being with us and it would not have been fun without all of you!


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